Letter from my Undergrad School

I am thinking of writing about my undergrad years. Not personal stories, but more tied into education and politics in Pakistan. Instead of first giving the background, I’ll post the translation of a letter that my parents got from the head of our college during my junior year (the letter is dated March 12, 1992).… Continue reading Letter from my Undergrad School

Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954-63

I recently finished reading Taylor Branch’s Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954-63. It’s a huge book with more than 900 pages of text plus about 78 pages of notes. It took me a long time to read, but it was worth it. The book is fascinating and Taylor Branch brings the civil… Continue reading Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954-63

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Musharraf’s Gems

This guy Musharraf makes me angry: President Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday declared that the Legal Framework Order could not be undone and he would continue as the chief of army staff as “unity of command comes through one person in order to give stability to the nation”. This is the government we are talking about,… Continue reading Musharraf’s Gems

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Country Quiz

You’re the United Nations! Most people think you’re ineffective, but you are trying to completely save the world from itself, so there’s always going to be a long way to go. You’re always the one trying to get friends to talk to each other, enemies to talk to each other, anyone who can to just… Continue reading Country Quiz

Deference to the Executive

Go read a great post by Unqualified Offerings about the decision of the DC Appeals court backing secrecy for Sept 11 detainees. NOW.

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Weird Search Results

I am sorry to disappoint the visitor who came here by searching for “sexy in islamabad email address”. I am sure there are sexy men/women/?? in Islamabad and they might even have email addresses. You just won’t find them on this weblog. Apparently I am the #3 result for this search on Google. BTW, who… Continue reading Weird Search Results

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I was going to post a review of Taylor Branch’s book “Parting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-63” today but I have to grade some homeworks. It will have to wait till tomorrow. I am posting this using SharpMT which is a Windows-based client for Movable Type. I have installed this on my… Continue reading Miscellaneous

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Brain Persuasion Test

Following Zack, my Brain Persuasion Test had the following result: Your Brain Usage Profile Auditory : 66% Visual : 33% Left : 47% Right : 52% Ambrin, your hemispheric dominance is equally divided between left and right brain, while you show a moderate preference for auditory versus visual learning, signs of a balanced and flexible… Continue reading Brain Persuasion Test

Arranged Marriage

I had completely forgotten about completing this series until I saw Yasmine comment on Abez’s blog (no permalinks; look up the June 10 post titled “How I Own 1/7th of Riaz’s heart”)….

Muslims in the Americas

The answer to the quiz about the country in the Americas where Muslims are the largest percentage of the population as compared to other countries is Suriname. According to the CIA World Factbook, here are some of the population statistics for Suriname: Population 436,494 Religions: Hindu 27.4%, Muslim 19.6%, Roman Catholic 22.8%, Protestant 25.2% (predominantly… Continue reading Muslims in the Americas