Musharraf’s Gems

This guy Musharraf makes me angry:

President Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday declared that the Legal Framework Order could not be undone and he would continue as the chief of army staff as “unity of command comes through one person in order to give stability to the nation”.

This is the government we are talking about, not the army. Quit your army talk.

“I will not remove my military uniform, nor would give a time in this regard. I understand uniform has to be removed, as it is not democratic.”

“When I see functional democracy and stability in the country, I will give up the post of army chief. God has placed me in this position. If I have to wear 10 hats in the interest of the country I will do that,” the president added.

So the uniform is not democratic. Therefore, while he’s in uniform, there’ll not be real democracy in Pakistan. But Musharraf will only remove his uniform when he sees functional democracy. Do you see the problem here?

[…]Replying to a question, the president said he had the power to dissolve parliament. He stressed that the nation was supreme. “If the nation is in trouble, I have to take a decision in the national interest,” he maintained.

[…]To another question, he said: “Democracy is the rule of the majority. Majority wants me and wants me in uniform.” The minority was being dictated by people from outside who were least concerned about democracy in Pakistan. They were least bothered about the LFO or the Constitution, he said, adding they were only interested in personal gains.

That’s great. Everything I do is in the national interest and everything my opponents do is for their personal gain. Great logic by Our Great Leader!

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  1. Hmmm.

    It’s either a military dictator-cum-president.

    A thoroughly corrupt ruling class of politicians.

    Or self-proclamied guardians of morality, the religious right?

    Welcome to the world of Pakistani politics.


  2. I have to be a dictator because there is no democracy. I will stop being a dictator when there is democracy. There cannot be democracy while I am a dictator.

    This is more Catch 22 than anything from Catch 22! The mind boggles.

  3. I’m aware this isn’t the subject so excuse my digression but since you’ve read Neuromancer recently (I was looking for it in Pakistan for 2 whole years but never found it) you ought to check out the Anime “Ghost in the Shell.”
    Have you seen “Pi” and “Donnie Darko” to mention two of the best SF films to come out of the past (at least) twenty years?
    Also if you like Gibson check out “Burning Chrome” which has great short works by the man.
    Neuromancer is on my shelf buried under a lot of stuff, I’ll get to it and Pattern Recognition later.
    I kept up with his blog for two and a half months from the day he started it but got a bit tired of it of reading blogs then. His “Columbia Sadness” was the one I most enjoyed along with his “Writers don’t need drugs” posts.

    Have you read anything by Kurt Vonnegut btw?


    this is a courteous letter from HSL Human Rights Section and Amnesty International, the non governmental organization which has always defended human rights without any political, religious or other orientation:

    – expressing concern that Dr Allah Nazar is reportedly being held in solitary confinement in the Jail Ward of Sandeman Provincial Hospital in Quetta;

    – calling on the authorities to ensure that he is being given all necessary medical care, as he was reportedly in a critical condition when he was admitted to hospital;
    – expressing concern for the safety of Nawaz Ali and Akhter Nadeem, and calling on the authorities to reveal their whereabouts immediately;
    – calling on the authorities to grant all three men immediate access to their lawyers, families, and any medical treatment they may require;
    – expressing concern at reports that all three men have been tortured and ill-treated while in custody;
    – seeking assurances that they will not be subjected to further torture or ill-treatment;
    – calling for an impartial investigation into the alleged torture and ill-treatment of all three men, including the reports that Dr Allah Nazar was forced to drink a ‘salt-like’ drug, and into the failure of the Pakistan authorities to disclose where these men were detained following their arrest on 25 March 2005, with the results of the investigation to be made public and those found to be responsible to be brought to justice.
    Thank you for your attention in this very serious matter.

    HSL Human Rights Section

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