Left or Right Brain?

I am left-handed for most tasks except playing cricket (I bowl and bat right-handed) and eating (probably the work of my parents). I am, however, almost ambidexterous in that I use my right hand quite often as well. Also, I am more tuned to auditory perception than visual. I usually write the directions down in… Continue reading Left or Right Brain?


Does anyone know of any politically-themed Pakistani bloggers? I know of a number of personal ones and a few Islamic themed ones, but none blogging on current affairs and politics, domestic and international. For HTML gurus, what code do I need to put in my Blogger template (old blog here) so that the main page… Continue reading Miscellaneous

Punjab to Punjab

An interesting human interest story about the links between people from Indian Punjab and Pakistani Punjab. The closing of the India-Pakistan border 18 months ago has caused agony for Punjabi Muslims. But moves to restore road links have brought hope to the Muslim residents of one town in the Indian state of Punjab. Malerkotla is… Continue reading Punjab to Punjab

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Which country in the Americas has the highest proportion of Muslims in its population? Please note that I am not asking about the largest number of Muslims. Instead the question is about Muslims comprising the largest percentage of that country’s population. Drop me an email and I’ll announce the first person to get it correct.… Continue reading Quiz

Personalized Nigerian 419 Scam

An interesting twist on the familiar Nigerian 419 fraud: declaring me an heir to someone with whom I share a last name. Dear Ajmal, Before I introduce myself, I wish to inform you that this letter is not a hoax mail and I urge you to treat it serious. I am Dr. Muhammad Khalil Hasan,… Continue reading Personalized Nigerian 419 Scam

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Illegal Immigrants and Special Registration

Special Registration is having the effects I thought it would (see here, here, here, and here). According to the New York Times: More than 13,000 of the Arab and Muslim men who came forward earlier this year to register with immigration authorities —- roughly 16 percent of the total —- may now face deportation, government… Continue reading Illegal Immigrants and Special Registration

Teen IM

A nice story from the Washington Post: As undercover assignments go, posing as a teenage girl online to catch pedophiles has its share of challenges for the typical FBI agent. Should he ever capitalize words in instant messages? Is it okay to say you buy your clothes at 5-7-9? And what about Justin Timberlake? Is… Continue reading Teen IM

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We are going to a friend’s wedding in Cape Cod. I won’t have internet access there. Blogging will resume after I return sunday night.

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Sharia in NWFP

I am not in a mood to comment on the whole Sharia thing. The NWFP provincial assembly passed a Sharia law a few days ago. I found the following quote from the NWFP Law Minister to be really funny: “We will also make laws to persuade youngsters to obey their parents.” You can do that?

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Treatment of Sept 11 Detainees

The Inspector General in the Department of Justice has issued a report criticizing the government conduct in detaining 762 people on suspicion of terrorism after September 11. According to the report, 491 people were arrested in New York and 70 in New Jersey. The largest number (254) were from Pakistan while 111 were from Egypt.… Continue reading Treatment of Sept 11 Detainees