Treo Blogging

I forgot to mention that the previous entry was written on my new Treo 650. Typing on its small keyboard takes a little getting used to.

I typed the previous post using the standard Movable Type interface in the Blazer web browser. That is not the best idea since the MT interface is not good for the small PDA screen. I also ran into a character limit (2000?) in the text box for entry body in Blazer.

I am exploring other options for blogging on the Treo and would appreciate any suggestions.

Let’s test if I can post a photo I took from my Treo. The “Upload File” thing doesn’t do anything in Blazer and the Javascript buttons on top of the Entry Body textarea don’t appear at all. Does this thing have Javascript?

Postscript: Publishing an entry in Blazer works but the pings are not sent because of the way page refresh is used by MT.

By Zack

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