Brass Crescent Honorable Mention

The results of the Brass Crescent Awards are out. I didn’t win but got honorable mentions in 3 of the 5 categories I was nominated. These categories were: Best writing (I am surprised), best series, and best non-English blog (surprised again as I do not write enough in Urdu.)

Honorable Mention, Brass Crescent Awards, best non-english blogHonorable Mention, Brass Crescent Awards, best seriesHonorable Mention, Brass Crescent Awards, best writing

The winners in these categories were Haroon Mughal of Avari-Nameh (best writing; he was the big winner with 2 other wins as well), Leila M of Sister Scorpion (best series) and Asif Iqbal for his multilingual blog.

I found it interesting that among the non-English blogs the top two (Asif and me) were both Urdu blogs while we were the only Urdu nominees. It is surprising since Urdu is actually far behind other languages (like Farsi or even Arabic) in its Internet presence. May be Urdu blogs have really arrived! Ejaz, are you listening?

Thanks to alt.Muslim and City of Brass for organizing these awards.

By Zack

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  1. Congratulations!
    About non-English blogs, there was no Farsi nominee, and I guess the visitors of the Brass Crescent webpage were mainly Pakistani.

  2. Congrats! The posts that I’ve enjoyed the most are those about “Israel-Pakistan”(2 of them?) and “Muslim populations in the world”. I havn’t got around to reading the one on Harun Yahya.

  3. Congratulations! I’m guessing the “I want to vote for Zack for something” vote just got split, kind of like how if two great players are on the same team neither will likely win the MVP.

    I think the Urdu performance may reflect the language used by Brass Crescent voters. Farsi may have a bigger internet presence, but I’ve seen little evidence it crosses into mainstream Islamic blogging. I hear a lot about “Best Pakistani blog” for things, you, Sepoy, et al are certainly major web presences. And because I don’t speak Urdu, this is certainly not meant to take away from the top two finishers. If your English is any indication, you are certainly award-worthy.

  4. Al-Muhajabah: Congrats to you as well.

    Moiz: Thanks. 🙂

    Kianoush: That’s true. As Brian mentions, there is not much intersection between the Persian and Islamic blogs.

    Faraz: Thanks.

    Brian: Thanks.

    I’m guessing the “I want to vote for Zack for something” vote just got split,

    Oh man, I should’ve given some guidance to my voters on that.

    And you are definitely correct about why the Urdu blogs did well.

    آصف: شکریہ۔

    Ali: Thanks.

  5. Thanks, Asma, sume, Leila, renee.

    Leila: It is? See, in the competitive culture of Pakistan, being ranked 2nd meant one had lost.

  6. 2nd always means loads better than the rest of the competitors;) Hence, a good thang.

    ANyway, we know this is a popularity contest, and some folks vote, some don’t. There’s hundreds and hundreds of Muslim blogs out there

  7. Congratulations ! I always had high hopes from you and you never let me down. Keep it up. May God bless you with brilliant success always. Aaameen.

    I like comment of Asif. “Lahori style”.

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