Fafblog is the King!

Fafnir comes up with a list of things he will not do the next time he lives through 2004. Here are a few choice ones:

Things I will not do the next time I live through 2004

  • vote for a constitutional amendment before I know whose rights it strips away
  • forget whether torture is “good” or “bad” during a presidential election
  • reelect George Bush, then patiently wait for him to radically change his foreign and domestic policy
  • open my eyes at any time; the scary part does not end

As The Poor Man would say, Fafblog is “teh funny.” See for example, the post on blog triumphalism.

Author: Zack

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6 thoughts on “Fafblog is the King!”

  1. Asalamo alaykum w.w!

    🙂 Happy new year to u and ur family, and you haven’t updated on Michelle for so long now!

    Best wishes.

    Wassalam n Allahhafiz

  2. Leila: Fafblog scary? Nah, just witty and sarcastic.

    Asma: Walaikum Assalam! Happy new year to you as well.

    you haven’t updated on Michelle for so long now!

    C’mon, there are still 2 dozen photos of her on the main page! I don’t put many posts about her here because she has her own blog. If you would like to read that, drop me an email.

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