Mitzna and the Settlements

Unqualified Offerings and Talking Dog have joined me in supporting Amram Mitzna for the Israeli PM. Now, as Jim says: “if he can just bring some actual Israeli voters into the tent he’ll be cooking with gas.”

The Talking Dog also mentions:

Israel invested BILLIONS in the settlements — this investment can be traded against the troublesome “right of return” once and for all, because that’s what friends do. If the Palestinians refuse to make such a deal, any pullout should include physical destruction of the settlements and scorched earth — that’s what you do for enemies.

Interesting suggestion. Actually, when Israel returned Sinai to Egypt, the Egyptians offered $XX million (I can’t find the exact figure right now) for the tourist resort in Taba that Israel had built, but Israel refused and flattened EVERYTHING (in Taba and elsewhere in Sinai) before leaving.

By Zack

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