My First Link

Thanks to Bill Allison of Ideofact for linking to me.

He is very kind and is trying to motivate me to write about Pakistan. However, this being close to the end of the semester, I should better do some work. Hopefully, I’ll get to the topic in the next couple of weeks. Or earlier if I procrastinate like I am doing now. 😉

UPDATE: A correction: Ideofact is the second blog to link me. The first one is Jim Henley’s Unqualified Offerings. Thanks, Jim.

UPDATE II: I just started writing my thoughts here as it is better than boring my roommates with long discussions of everything under the sun. Hence, I really would like some feedback about this site. So, if you like or dislike what you see here or want to argue/discuss any of my posts, please drop me an email (my address is on the left.)

UPDATE III: I have hit the trifecta of links with the Wahabis as born again post. Bin Gregory whose writing inspired it has also linked.

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