Past or the Future

One final comment about the Arab-Israeli conflict before I get back to work:

There is definitely a need to understand the conflict and its history. However, the Israelis and Palestinians need to understand not just the history from their side’s point of view but the opposing side’s as well. Although history is important, the solution will not come from understanding history or looking back at what was. It will come from overcoming the past and looking towards the future; having a vision and imagining what can be. This is what Sadaat had in the 1970s and Barak had in the 1990s.

UPDATE: While Muslims and Arabs might have had misgivings about the creation of the state of Israel, Israel is here to stay and we must recognize that fact. I think there has been real progress in accepting the existence of Israel in the last decade, but there is still some ground to be covered.

By Zack

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