Joke of a Prime Minister

This is a funny Prime Minister we have got in Pakistan:

Concurring with the suggestion that the floor-crossing law [this law disallows parliamentarians to change parties] was a good law, Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, however, maintained that at times you have to ‘close your eyes’ to such things to help the new and younger parliamentarians find their feet in the democratic setup.

When asked about reports that some of his cabinet ministers were still being investigated by the National Accountability Bureau and that three of them were still on the Exit Control List [a list of people not allowed to leave the country usually due to flight risk in criminal/corruption cases, but also used against political opponents], the prime minister, without refuting the allegation, said that no one was above the law and that he would look into the matter and try to find out the actual situation.

On being asked about the alleged deal between the government and the MMA under which two former provincial ministers —- both belonging to JUI and undergoing imprisonment in embezzlement cases —- were released in return for the MMA’s support for the government formation in Balochistan, the prime minister, again without refuting the allegation, said the two were released on parole.

“Anybody can be released on parole at the discretion of the government after he has completed a certain period of his incarceration,” he added.

The prime minister reiterated that he would like the party which had the largest number of votes in Sindh to form the government but added that if for some reason it failed to do so, then the government would have to intervene and try to form a government in that province in order to save the elected House from collapsing.

Mr Jamali said he welcomed criticism and expected friends to give him timely advice, but hoped that his well-wishers would avoid harsh words while criticizing him.

I can’t stop laughing.

Author: Zack

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