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CalPundit has a ranking of the best movie nominees for Oscar. Since I have seen all of them as well, here’s my ranking:

  1. The Pianist
  2. The Hours
  3. Chicago
  4. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  5. Gangs of New York

CalPundit did not like The Pianist. I agree that the film does become a bit detached near the end, but overall I liked it very much. The Hours was pretty good as well excepting the scenes of Ed Harris which were atrocious. Since I am partial to musicals (culture, may be?) Chicago worked well for me, though I don’t think it should get any of the actor/actress awards. I am a Tolkein fanatic, so I obviously loved The Two Towers (though I liked the books better than the movies) but it is definitely a movie without a beginning or an end.

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