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As CalPundit pointed out, there is a lot of info available about your neighborhood on the Census website. It appears though that he has made a mistake in reporting the data (122 people) for his census tract. According to the Census Bureau,

Census tracts generally have between 1,500 and 8,000 people, with an optimum size of 4,000 people. (Counties with fewer people have a single census tract.)

I think he is reporting data from his block, which is a smaller subdivision.

CalPundit’s census tract 525.14 is 23.2% Asian. I live in heavily Asian neigborhoods. In Atlanta, I live just north of campus where there are a lot of students (especially Asian students). Also, our home is in central Jersey which has a large and diverse Asian (especially Indian) population, consisting of businessmen as well as IT/CS/Engineering professionals. In Middlesex county in New Jersey, there are 103,788 Asians (13.8%) of which 52.7% are Indians.

In New Jersey, we live in census tract 5.02 which has the following demographics:

  • Of the total population of 6585, 44.4% are Asian, 27.1% White, 13.5% African American and 11.8% Hispanic.
  • Only half the propulation is native-born. 34.8% of the people came to the US after 1990 and 36.7% are not citizens.
  • Second most common language: Gujarati.
  • Data that Gene Expression might like: 28.6% of Spanish speakers have problems with English compared to 14.1% of native Indo-European language speakers and 8.6% of Asian and Pacific Island language speakers. Interestingly, most of those with problems are 18-64 yrs old.
  • 17.1% of the population have graduate or professional degrees.
  • Median household income is $57,717.

In Atlanta, my census tract 10 includes mostly Georgia Tech students.

  • Of 9223 people in the census tract, Whites are 63.8%, Asian 20.9% and African American 10.2%.
  • 23.9% of the population have graduate or professional degrees.
  • 99% are enrolled in college.
  • Median household income is $25,833.
  • At the block level, out of a population of 879, 53.7% are Asian and 34.8% White.

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