Confederate Flag

One of the good things to come as a result of the patriotism expressed by people after the terrorist attacks of September 11 has been the large number of US flags on display everywhere. I like it especially since now it seems to me that Union flags outnumber Confederate flags in rural Georgia (since probably… Continue reading Confederate Flag

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Definitely Broken

You are 33% geek You are a geek liaison, which means you go both ways. You can hang out with normal people or you can hang out with geeks which means you often have geeks as friends and/or have a job where you have to mediate between geeks and normal people. This is an important… Continue reading Definitely Broken

Conspiracy Theories

CalPundit wonders about Steven Den Beste’s sanity: Several weeks ago, weary of his futile efforts to understand the French psyche, Steven Den Beste announced that he had exhausted all other logical possibilities and come up with the only possible remaining reason why the French continue to oppose our war with Iraq: they have supplied banned… Continue reading Conspiracy Theories

Talking Dog’s Dog Run

The Talking Dog has been going through the massive project of commenting on every single one of the links on his blogroll, the Dog Run, and assigning a dog breed to each one. His blogroll is long and extensive and his comments have been pithy and useful. I have been introduced to quite a lot… Continue reading Talking Dog’s Dog Run

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Military Solution to Terrorism

The Talking Dog, commenting on the recent suicide bombing in Israel, talks about the ability of terrorists to act despite military action: Israel can militarily crush all of its enemies combined these days, (possibly including Saddam Hussein), but it cannot stop every single Palestinian or Israeli Arab from this type of attack. Better disguises and… Continue reading Military Solution to Terrorism

INS Prevented me from Blogging Yesterday

Yes, that’s true because I wasted a full day at an INS office. And all because of a mistake by INS. What happened was that my fingerprints on an INS document (done by INS officials themselves) were not identifiable. Why didn’t the INS officer who got those fingerprints checks them? I have no idea. Anyway,… Continue reading INS Prevented me from Blogging Yesterday

What Do You Like About Your State or Country?

Michele of A Small Victory asked her readers to send her comments about their home states: What is so great about America, anyhow? What makes it such a wonderful place? What would you tell a foreigner about your home state? Pick a state, follow my example, provide links. Leave it in the comments and I’ll… Continue reading What Do You Like About Your State or Country?

What Number Are You?

I am π Everyone loves pi what number are you? this quiz by orsa

Sleep, Drive, Sleep

I was so tired on friday that I slept for 17 hours. Then I drove for 14 hours to home. And went to sleep again for 8 hours. Now I am fresh and blogging would start again soon.

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