BCIS Sucks

That is the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).

But you already knew that.

Off to New York City

To meet the Head Heeb.

Another Reminder

Of civil rights at the Roosevelt memorial in Washington DC…


Just a Reminder

About civil rights and freedom at the Roosevelt memorial…

Civil Rights

FDR Memorial

Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC…

Amber at FDR Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC…

Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument

A photo of the Washington memorial…

Washington Monument

Washington DC

We went to Washington DC yesterday. It was a lot of fun despite the hot and humid weather. We reached there at 10:30am and got the free passes for the Holocaust Museum. The earliest they had available was for 3:30pm. (Note to self: buy tickets from tickets.com in advance.) The museum website claims that most visitors spend about 2 hours at the permanent exhibition there. We are big museum afficianados, so wanted to spend more time there. However, the museum closes at 5:30pm and we could only see less than half. Will have to go again some other time.

We also visited the National Gallery of Art and Amber’s favorite memorial (FDR). Finally, it was great to see some friends after a couple of years.

Home Now

Got home 11pm last night. It rained part of the way and I hate driving in the rain, especially at night.

Anyway, rain’s got something for me since it has rained a majority of times I have gone camping. It also rains almost every time I drive between home and school. In fact, I think whenever I have driven through Shenandoah valley, it is always raining there. Don’t know what the deal is. Does it always rain there? How much rain does the valley get?