WTC Memorial

A final design has been chosen for the World Trade Center memorial. In the end, the jury seemed to see the same thing so many people have seen at the World Trade Center site since Sept. 11, 2001: what is not there. Faced with many possible additions to the site, jurors in the memorial competition… Continue reading WTC Memorial

Pakistan’s Nuclear Export

The New York Times has an important article about Pakistan’s ties to nuclear programs in a number of countries. The Pakistani leaders who denied for years that scientists at the country’s secret A. Q. Khan Research Laboratories were peddling advanced nuclear technology must have been averting their eyes from a most conspicuous piece of evidence:… Continue reading Pakistan’s Nuclear Export

Finger Printing Visitors

I don’t have time for a real post, but wanted to note that the US-VISIT program has started. Foreigners arriving at U.S. airports were photographed and had their fingerprints scanned Monday in the start of a government effort to use some of the latest surveillance technology to keep terrorists out of the country. The program… Continue reading Finger Printing Visitors

Back in Atlanta

I am back in Atlanta. School starts tomorrow today. End of vacation. This is going to be a really busy semester. Let’s see how much I can blog. Why is it so warm here? Isn’t this supposed to be winter?

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Holiday Movies

These holidays were spent mostly at home. Laziness and illness (both me and Amber) were to blame. The end result was that we watched a lot of movies. American History X is a very good movie about a younger brother following in the footsteps of his older skinhead brother. Edward Norton was great as the… Continue reading Holiday Movies

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History Book Recommendations

I usually alternate reading fiction and non-fiction. I have quite a few fiction books in the pipeline since I don’t care much about its standards if it’s interesting reading. However, I need to replenish the non-fiction books I plan to read this year. My current theme is history. Something about the India-Pakistan partition in 1947.… Continue reading History Book Recommendations

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