Kill Bill, Troy, Lenin and More

Kill Bill Vol 2 isn’t really a separate movie from Kill Bill: Vol 1. It has a somewhat different feeling to it though. It is slower than the first one which was just non-stop action. This does result in some character development. It also is influenced by westerns. A good movie overall. Not great like Pulp Fiction, but good enough. Kianoush has a longer review of both movies.

Nine Queens is an Argentinian film about two con-men. In some ways, it is like Matchstick Men. I liked Nine Queens better while Amber was partial to Matchstick Men.

The Straight Story is the story of an old guy who rides a lawn mower across Iowa to meet his sick brother. An interesting movie, but I bet he couldn’t have done that anywhere other than Iowa (or Kansas).

When going to see Troy, forget most of the details of the Iliad. A general idea of the characters helps, but the movie is completely different. First, the gods don’t really exist in the movie. Different characters die and live as compared to the poem as well. It’s a fun movie to watch since I don’t care a whole lot about the integrity of the Iliad plot which most likely underwent a lot of changes over time. (See Rob’s rant about that.)

Goodbye, Lenin! is an excellent German movie set in East Berlin around the events of 1989-90 and the fall of the Berlin wall. Highly recommended.

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