Africans: The History of a Continent

“Africans” is a good book packing a lot of information in a mere 300 pages. This density along with its dry, academic writing style makes this a slow read. But I would still recommend it to anyone interested in African history.

Africans: The History of a Continent is a good book. It gives a condensed history of Africa in a mere 300 pages. Thus it is packed with information and analysis.

One downside of this book is the author’s dry style which is common in a lot of academic texts. That combined with the densely packed information meant that it took me a long while to read it.

While Africa: The Biography of the Continent was a popular read with an easy-going style, Africans focuses more on data and analysis. Overall, I would say I learned more from Africans.

I would recommend this book along with Transformations in Slavery as essential reading to get an idea of African history.

Author: Zack

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