The Rock : A Tale of Seventh-Century Jerusalem

The Rock is a combination of history and imagination. It is fiction but uses historical events and places to weave a great tale. I think Makiya succeeds in creating an overall legend and myth for the Rock in Jerusalem.

I think I read about this book from Brian’s blog, though I do not remember now.

The Rock: A Tale of Seventh Century Jerusalem is good as the author Kenan Makiya weaves a tale combining some historical events with myths, legends and his own imagination.

The book tells the story of Jerusalem and specially the Temple Mount during the era of Islam’s rise in the 7th century. Most of the story covers the years from the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem in 638 AD to the construction of the Dome of Rock mosque in 691 AD. Makiya uses accounts of Jerusalem from Judaism, Christianity and Islam and combines them together in a magical fashion with his own imagination.

It is a quick read and I finished it in a few days.

Author: Zack

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