Homosexual Marriage: Civil Right of Self-Interest?

Are homosexuals asking for a privilege given only to heterosexuals, or are they asking for something denied to both groups?

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Crude, rhetoric-roasted peanuts!

Gasoline prices burned a hole in the wallets of most Americans over the summer, and McCain attempted to use this problem against Obama by highlighting Democratic support for an offshore drilling moratorium. McCain’s, “Drill baby, drill,” refrain sloshed bold and black into newsprint and e-print. It coated the tongues of conservative commentators and oozed into… Continue reading Crude, rhetoric-roasted peanuts!

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Letter to a US Representative

Greetings Web Community, I drafted the following letter with the intent of sending it to my representative in the US House of Reps. Before executing my plan, I wish to gather comments from this online community. LETTER BEGINS Our country’s current foreign, budget and resource policies compel me to take up the pen. This is… Continue reading Letter to a US Representative

“Collapse: Why Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” By Jared Diamond

Overall, Diamond’s latest book lacks the strength of Guns, Germs and Steel. With statements about getting to things later laced throughout the text, he seems rushed. His discussions about societies that executed face-plants are quite interesting, but the picture he …

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Passion and Death of Jesus Christ: Comparing the Movie with the Gospels I

Some months ago, Zack and I watched the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. Zack wanted me to say a few words about the movie on the blog. I recently decided that late is better than never in this regard. So… In this first installment of my comparison between the movie and the Gospels, I… Continue reading Passion and Death of Jesus Christ: Comparing the Movie with the Gospels I

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Fading Stars and Fraying Stripes

In the past few years, a thought has grown in my mind. The seed of it, a nod to inevitability, long layed dormant, but the events of the past few years prompted germination. The steady erosion of the nation’s manufacturing base and malignant mediocrity of the nation’s primary educational system serve as the soil in… Continue reading Fading Stars and Fraying Stripes

John: (extends cape and takes a bow)

In what follows, I do not harbor any intention of making myself clear. I went to school in the hope of knowing, but I discovered that university is concerned primarily with learning. After flirting with industry, it became apparent that corporate lexicons exclude terms such as knowing and learning to save space for synonyms for… Continue reading John: (extends cape and takes a bow)

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