GITMO Military Arrests

A Muslim Chaplain in the US Army who was administering to the detainees at the Guantanoamo Bay camp was arrested recently. The Muslim military chaplain who ministered to suspected Al Qaeda terrorists at a U.S. detention center in Cuba can be confined under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for up to two months without… Continue reading GITMO Military Arrests

Are You a Terrorist?

Here comes a stupid judge with a stupid remark: Mrs. Khoder, a United States citizen who arrived from Lebanon 14 years ago, appeared in court last Thursday before the judge, William R. Crosbie, to challenge two parking tickets left on her dashboard within an hour of each other. She said the judge repeated her name… Continue reading Are You a Terrorist?

Protestors are Terrorists

Via Unqualified Offerings, here’s the strange case of the California Anti-Terrorism Information Center (CATIC). CATIC spokesman Mike Van Winkle said such evidence wasn’t needed to issue warnings on war protesters. “You can make an easy kind of a link that, if you have a protest group protesting a war where the cause that’s being fought… Continue reading Protestors are Terrorists

Stupid Security Measures

Privacy International has come up with a list of the stupidest security measures all over the world. They have divided them into five categories: Most Inexplicable Security Measures Most Intrusive Security Measures Most Counter Productive Security Most Annoying Security Measures Most Egregious Security Measures Here are a few of the choice measures: Last September 2002,… Continue reading Stupid Security Measures

Torture Again

Via Eve Tushnet, I read a very disturbing passage about the torture by right-wing squads in Latin America on Late Night Thoughts. You’ll have to follow the link to read that passage, but here is her conclusion: The human gene pool sometimes throws out monsters. There are psychiatric terms for them, but their common denominator… Continue reading Torture Again


A debate has been raging in the blogworld recently about using torture on Al-Qaeda members. Here are some of the posts on the topic: No Conclusions: Volokh Conspiracy For: Oliver Willis, The Agitator Against: CalPundit, Unqualified Offerings, Light of Reason, Path of the Paddle, Head Heeb. I would especially like to quote from Head Heeb… Continue reading Torture

Japanese American Internment

Representative Howard Coble (R-NC), chairman of the Judiciary subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, agrees with the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II (“for their own protection”). Rep. Howard Coble, R-N.C., made the remark Tuesday on WKZL-FM when a caller suggested Arabs in the United States should be confined. Another congressman who… Continue reading Japanese American Internment

Japanese-American Internment: Continued

Commenting on the Instapundit post I referred to earlier, David Neiwert has this to say: In this post today, Reynolds tries to suggest that maybe there might be some rationale later on down the road for a blanket internment of Muslims: The wrongfulness in the World War Two internments, after all, wasn’t that they happened,… Continue reading Japanese-American Internment: Continued

Japanese Americans and Muslim Americans

Instapundit had some thoughts on the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and the patriotism of Muslim Americans now. I have strong disagreements with most of his post except for the following about a Pakistani American saving a synagogue from arson by a Bosnian: And those who favor extensive profiling should note the photos… Continue reading Japanese Americans and Muslim Americans

Racial Profiling

CalPundit points out about racial profiling by police in Los Angeles: Among people who were pulled over: 3.5% of whites were frisked and 5% were searched. 12% of Latinos were frisked and 18.5% were searched. 14.7% of blacks were frisked and 18.7% were searched Then responding to criticism, he looked up the raw report and… Continue reading Racial Profiling