Mexican Immigration Threat

Samuel Huntington has written an article about the threat of Mexican immigration to the US. His article is full of assumptions, half-truths and ignoring data that doesn’t fit his thesis. In some ways, it is worse than his Clash of Civilizations idea some years ago. I can’t be bothered by this so-called “threat.” As someone… Continue reading Mexican Immigration Threat

Finger Printing Visitors

I don’t have time for a real post, but wanted to note that the US-VISIT program has started. Foreigners arriving at U.S. airports were photographed and had their fingerprints scanned Monday in the start of a government effort to use some of the latest surveillance technology to keep terrorists out of the country. The program… Continue reading Finger Printing Visitors

Regularizing Immigration

Via Mark Kleiman and Perverse Access Memory comes this statement from Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has called for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States to be given some sort of legal status short of citizenship, a proposal suggesting that the Bush administration might revive an ambitious legalization… Continue reading Regularizing Immigration

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What I am Reading

I am busy, so no regular posts today. However, here is some stuff I am reading: A New York Times article about the Lackawanna Six, the Yemeni-Americans in Buffalo who trained at an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. An interesting article about the history of the oath of allegiance that naturalized citizens have to take.… Continue reading What I am Reading

Immigration Arbitrariness

This news story is about a Turkish physician whose visa extension hit some snags at BCIS until his congressman intervened. I think it shows how arbitrary of the immigration process in the US is and how much depends on the specific immigration officer examining your case. An impressive career, a 1,000-page visa application and 10… Continue reading Immigration Arbitrariness

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for the lack of posts. Amber was here for the weekend and I have been really busy with work and stuff. I have a couple of Kashmir posts in the pipeline. Hopefully, I should post them in a day or two. In the meantime, here are a couple of interesting things to read. Via… Continue reading Busy Busy Busy

Immigration Reading

Here’s some stuff I have been reading (via Perverse Access Memory). Matt Welch posts about some of the problems immigrants had in the US in the past and how people consider that era now to be whitewashed into nice assimilation of immigrants. Henry Farrell writes about his recent experience with immigration requirements while returning to… Continue reading Immigration Reading

BCIS Sucks Big Time

Repeat after me, BCIS people are fucking assholes. Now, it seems they have lost information from their system of the approval of my application from 1.5 years ago. I think I need to contact my Congressman or Senator. POSTSCRIPT: That missing data has to do with my status in the US. So I am mighty… Continue reading BCIS Sucks Big Time

BCIS Sucks

That is the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS). But you already knew that.

Immigration and National Security Report

As I promised, here are some of the highlights from the report by the non-partisan Migration Policy Institute. Our new security measures must be effective rather than merely dramatic, and must not destroy what we are trying to defend. The government’s post-September 11 immigration measures have failed these tests. These actions have not only done… Continue reading Immigration and National Security Report