Missing Her

I am watching the debate right now, but instead of live-blogging the debate, I am missing my daughter. Since Michelle was born, I haven’t been away from her for more than a few hours. But now I am out of town for 2 days. So I am missing Michelle a lot. Amber tells me Michelle… Continue reading Missing Her

Where Have I Been?

I have been busy with my daughter. She’s now 23 days old and a much more interesting baby than she was earlier. She smiles, rolls over from her back to her side and recognizes both Amber and me. She’s more attached to Amber than to me, but that’s due to breastfeeding (at least that’s my… Continue reading Where Have I Been?

Michelle’s Pictures

Take a look at Michelle’s photos below the fold…

Michelle’s Birth Story

The due date for our baby was August 18. After the 36th week of pregnancy, we had doctor’s appointments every week. On August 11, we had an appointment with Dr. Cernadas at 3:15pm. She did a vaginal exam and told us that the cervix was still completely closed. The fetal heart rate seemed normal. However,… Continue reading Michelle’s Birth Story

Back From the Hospital

We are back home now. Amber and Michelle were discharged today. Both are doing as well as can be expected. Michelle is sleeping in her bassinet beside me right now. Pictures will be coming soon. And the birth story will follow.

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The Proudest Day

Michelle Zakaria was born at 6:57pm (that was the correct time, though the St Peters clock said 7:01pm and that’s what they recorded) on August 12 at Saint Peters University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ. She weighs 6 pounds 9 ounces (3 kg) and is 20.5 inches (52 cm) long. She is healthy and the most… Continue reading The Proudest Day

Selecting a Pediatrician

When you have a baby, you need a pediatrician. That much I knew. But then it was suggested that we needed to find a pediatrician before the baby was born. Why? Because a pediatrician examines the baby in the hospital when she is born and that might as well be her regular pediatrician instead of… Continue reading Selecting a Pediatrician

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Immunization of Infants

Since we are having a baby next month, we are thinking of immunizations along with other baby-related topics. So I was surprised to find out that some people like us don’t vaccinate their children. Struggling, inner-city parents are more likely to neglect to completely vaccinate their children, while parents who refuse to vaccinate at all… Continue reading Immunization of Infants

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What’s in a Name I

One of the interesting pastimes during pregnancy is choosing a name for the baby. Since we can’t be sure about the gender of the baby, we have to consider both boy and girl names. The question then comes down to what sort of names to choose. Most people choose names either from their own culture… Continue reading What’s in a Name I