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I found it interesting that the top-most faith in the quiz I took yesterday was Reform Judaism. I asked my wife, brother and sister about the quiz. Their top-most faith also came out to be Judaism, orthodox in one case and reform in the rest. However, the rest of their ranking was very different.

I guess it has to do with the fact that Judaism and Islam have a lot in common. They have similar rules and beliefs. Thus, I find it really sad that there is a conflict between the adherents of these two great religions. From talking to some of my Israeli and Jewish friends, it does seem that they have some misunderstandings about Islam (caveat: this is a generalization from my experience, so it might not be true for everyone). Also, there are anti-Semitic feelings among Muslims (the same caveat applies here.) That in fact is a topic in itself which I would like to talk about in a separate post once I am back in Atlanta.

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  1. I was 100% Islam, 100% Orthodox Jew [!]when I took it, so I appreciate your comments…

    I linked to your blog finally btw; a little trouble with


  2. Thanks, Bin Gregory.

    It’s fun doing quizzes.

    The quiz result for my sister was 100% orthodox judaism and she’s the most orthodox muslim in my family.

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