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Welcome, new readers. Ah well, who am I kidding. I didn’t have any readers before the weekend. I hope you like my blog and visit again. I started this blog in June but other than some test posts and venting for my camera troubles, I didn’t write anything until this week. I hope to update… Continue reading Welcome

My First Link

Thanks to Bill Allison of Ideofact for linking to me. He is very kind and is trying to motivate me to write about Pakistan. However, this being close to the end of the semester, I should better do some work. Hopefully, I’ll get to the topic in the next couple of weeks. Or earlier if… Continue reading My First Link

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Pakistan Army’s Long Tentacles

Washington Post has an article on the perks the military in Pakistan enjoys as a result of its hold on power for 27 of the last 55 years. Here is an excerpt: There is no denying the military’s dominant role in Pakistan. The military owns the best farmland and several of the largest industrial conglomerates.… Continue reading Pakistan Army’s Long Tentacles

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Cades Cove, Smoky Mountain National Park

Very scenic. And very crowded…


Photologs are weblogs with pictures instead of words. David Gallagher has an article in Slate about them. I have added some photologs to my blogroll on the left. PhotoBlogs has a good list of photologs. PhotoDude is a fellow Atlantan who has photos as well as commentary on politics and other stuff on his website.

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Suicide Bomber or Homicide Bomber

Juan Non-Volokh of the world’s 2nd biggest conspiracy talks about the Orwellian use of the term “homicide bomber” when suicide bomber more clearly expresses their action.

Wahabis as Born-Again

Bin Gregory notes that: Wahhabism is the ideology of discontent. A study just waiting to be conducted is to compare affilliation with wahhabism to lack of religious upbringing [outside of the gulf, of course]. My own observation is that wahhabism appeals more to those who were irreligious in their youth and are then “converted”, and… Continue reading Wahabis as Born-Again

Bush Tax Cut

Very interesting table from the Tax Policy Center about how the Bush tax cut of last year would affect the rich and the poor after it is all phased in. Overall, the change in after-tax income will be 1.8%. The richest 1% get 4.5% however. The worst-off: those in the bottom 20% as well as… Continue reading Bush Tax Cut