Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

We watched Harry Potter over the weekend. It’s a good movie, but I am not the target audience. Even though it runs to 2 hours and 40 minutes, it doesn’t feel overly long. This one also has more plot twists than the first Harry Potter movie. However, we liked the first one better.

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What Sort of Muslim Are You?

I decided to ignore the results of my last beliefnet quiz and took the “What sort of a Muslim are you?” quiz. Here are the results: You are a secular Muslim. You are a cultural or secular Muslim. You might identify yourself with the Muslim community, but like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, you have no problems… Continue reading What Sort of Muslim Are You?

Muslims, the West and Media

Aziz Poonawalla has a series (1, 2, 3) of posts on the silence of the media in showing the non-extremist Muslim majority. First, some quotes from Aziz: Let me assure him [Steven Den Beste] and you that as a Muslim, I don’t really CARE how Islam is perceived by non-Muslims. I care how Islam is… Continue reading Muslims, the West and Media

Gujrat Riots

Aziz Poonawalla (yes, him again) has the best collection of links to stories about the Hindu-Muslim riots in the Indian province of Gujrat earlier in the year. Suman Palit responds to Aziz with the “root causes” of the hatred of the Hindu fundamentalists for their local Muslims. I don’t agree with his interpretation though. He… Continue reading Gujrat Riots

Long Distance Relationships

Don’t do them. Seriously, they are tough. It takes a lot of committment and very good communication to sustain a relationship long distance. So why am I talking about long distance relationships today? Because I just returned to Atlanta from New Jersey. My wife lives and work there while I am finishing my degree. We… Continue reading Long Distance Relationships

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I am back in Atlanta now. The thanksgiving weekend was great. Yesterday was also our wedding anniversary. Been married for 8 years now. That’s why there was no blogging yesterday.

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