What Sort of Muslim Are You?

I decided to ignore the results of my last beliefnet quiz and took the “What sort of a Muslim are you?” quiz. Here are the results:

You are a secular Muslim.

You are a cultural or secular Muslim. You might identify yourself with the Muslim community, but like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, you have no problems with beer commercials. Islam provides you with more of a social setting or community than a set of religious beliefs. You may live by many of the basic principles of Islam, but you do not necessarily choose to attribute them to Islam. You are probably not too comfortable with many of the social restrictions often associated with Muslim organizations or societies.

Interesting. Though I am not really religious, this obviously does not describe my feelings about religion. But then what else do you expect from an online multichoice quiz!

Author: Zack

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2 thoughts on “What Sort of Muslim Are You?”

  1. “Moderate Muslim”

    Indirectly via Unmedia, I found Daniel Pipes’s definition of a “moderate Muslim.” – Violence : Do you condone or condemn the Palestinians, Chechens, and Kashmiris who give up their lives to kill enemy civilians? Will you condemn by na…

  2. Secular.Now you talk about secular,so where is your secularism,the only think that you people do a lot of arguments and nothing.keep saying that pass that bill and fail that bill and after listen to us and ignore that person ,always thinking about your self and ur families. u know u people think that if we get into power we will do this and do that.tell me that what is the meaning of secularism,you dam shit you people does,n know the meaning of secularism.first think about that on what point of view that you people are saying then you can talk about secularism.always opposed another. countries just for nothing and blame on each other that he and she are all crupt .basically you all people are totally crupt.build your country,don,t push each other legs and argument on the fucking desert stop blaming each others.in my opinion first THE PAKISTAN then other things.PAKISTAN and INDIA will always lived,and you suckers will die till end of ur life pushing and pulling each others legs.fuck you all.go and die because you people do not deserve to live any more.

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