Recently, I have added some weblogs to my blogroll. So I should probably mention them:

Path of the Paddle is Ikram Saeed’s blog who can been present in the comments section here and on a lot of other blogs. Now he has his own blog to pontificate on everything from Islam, War on Terror, Iraq to Canadian politics and frigidity and even nekkid news.

Perverse Access Memory is Ginger Stampley’s blog. She is a liberal blogger from Houston, TX (do they have liberals there??) with interesting thoughts on politics, immigration, gaming, etc. I used to be a regular reader of her old blog before she retired. Now she’s back.

The Talking Dog is Seth Farber’s effort to make a dog talk interestingly. He has had extensive coverage of the upcoming Israeli elections and is a fellow fan of Amram Mitzna (or at least was until Labor collapsed.) He also claims trademarks on Club Med for Dictators and Ten Most Evil Men of the Twentieth Century.

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