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Thanks to Ikram Saeed for the 100th comment on this blog. He has been the most prolific commenter here. According to my counters, I have had about 3257-3306 “unique visitors” since around Nov 21 last year. More than a third of these were in a two-day burst due to an InstaPundit link. Usually, I get around 40-50 visitors a day. Around 75% of my visits are referred from another website and another 10% from search engines (mostly Google, followed by Yahoo.)

I would like to get a little more traffic (my target is about 100 visitors a day.) So if you like this weblog, please tell others to take a look at it.

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  1. If you get 100 visitors a day, you’re doing a heck of a lot better than I am. I usually get about 60-80 page views at veiled4allah. The number of unique visitors is undoubtedly somewhat smaller.

  2. being steady and ignoring your numbers is important i think. remember that glenn might give you a spike, but most of those hits are not “sticky”-people come & go.

    i linked you on my blog-roll btw-but it is rather long, so i don’t know how many you are getting from me….


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