Election in Israel

Today, people in Israel are electing a new government. Let’s hope brings peace and prosperity for the people. Since I don’t have much to say on the election (other than that I am a Mitzna supporter), I am going to point out some weblogs with Israeli coverage. These cover a wide range of opinion.

The Head Heeb
The Talking Dog
The View from Here
Brian Blum
Expat Egghead
Not a Fish
Ribbity Blog
Aron’s Israel Peace Blog
Tal G

UPDATE: Two more blogs with Israel coverage are Gideon’s Blog and Kesher Talk.

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2 thoughts on “Election in Israel”

  1. You forgot Kesher Talk!

    Lots of Israeli election coverage, and a tour of the blogosphere’s opinions of Joe Leiberman too.

    (scroll down, also last week’s archives – like I said, there’s lots.)

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I have updated the post. There probably are quite a few more blogs with coverage of Israel and the elections.

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