I arrived in Atlanta 3 hours late due to the snowstorm in the northeast. This might be the biggest storm I think since we started living in Jersey in 1999. I think the previous record for us was the 15 inches on Dec 30 (I forget the year 2000 or 2001). But I am missing… Continue reading Snowstorm

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Iraq and WMD

I think the US is looking for some nasty stuff that it gave to Saddam in the 1980s. The Bush administration is worried since inspectors haven’t found the stuff and nobody destroys WMDs unilaterally and voluntarily.

Going Home

I am going home for a Valentine’s day weekend. Blogging will be light.

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Valentine Poem

Kieran Healy, posting from the future, has a neat poem from the blogger to his Valentine.

Budgets and Wars

CalPundit is worried that the Bush administration has not budgeted for the Iraq war. It seems that’s not the first time. They did not budget for aid to Afghanistan for the 2003 budget either. The United States Congress has stepped in to find nearly $300m in humanitarian and reconstruction funds for Afghanistan after the Bush… Continue reading Budgets and Wars

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Valentine’s Day and Extremists

I knew that religious conservatives in Pakistan did not like Valentine’ Day, but it was never a big deal. Most of the protests and shattering windows of shops and cars occurred on New Year’s eve. It seems like things have changed somewhat according to BBC: Conservative forces in the Middle East and South Asia have… Continue reading Valentine’s Day and Extremists

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Snitch Visas

Via Perverse Access Memory, I found the news about snitch visas for informants about criminals and terrorists. The logic looked impeccable: Foreign terrorists lurk among foreigners, and foreigners want to live in America. So why not give foreigners a visa in return for ratting out suspected terrorists? The idea, it turns out, has sputtered in… Continue reading Snitch Visas

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Zimbabwe Cricketers Protest Mugabe

Two members of Zimbabwe’s World Cup Cricket team, Andy Flower and Henry Olonga, are protesting Mugabe’s despotic rule by wearing black arm bands during their World Cup game against Namibia. Andy Flower is a former captain of the team and Henry Olonga is their first black player. According to BBC, Zimbabwe cricketers Henry Olonga and… Continue reading Zimbabwe Cricketers Protest Mugabe

Warne Scandal Bigger Than Iraq in Australia

According to Yahoo! Sports: Cricketer Shane Warne’s dramatic exit from the World Cup knocked the looming war with Iraq off the front pages in Australia as the sports-mad nation reacted with bewildered anger to the latest scandal engulfing its spin king. “Devastated” ran the page one headline on Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, with The Australian newspaper… Continue reading Warne Scandal Bigger Than Iraq in Australia

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New Readers

Welcome. If you are following a link from Burt Lum’s article in the Honolulu Advertiser, the post he refers to is available here. While you are here, please go through my weblog. I have quite a few interesting posts about politics, Islam, Pakistan, etc.