Warne Scandal Bigger Than Iraq in Australia

Shane Warne

According to Yahoo! Sports:

Cricketer Shane Warne’s dramatic exit from the World Cup knocked the looming war with Iraq off the front pages in Australia as the sports-mad nation reacted with bewildered anger to the latest scandal engulfing its spin king.

“Devastated” ran the page one headline on Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, with The Australian newspaper concentrating on Warne’s declaration “I’m no drug cheat.”

The Australian labelled Warne the “stupid spinner,” after he was sent home from the tournament in South Africa Tuesday following revelations he had tested positive for a banned diuretic drug in Sydney last month.

Prime Minister John Howard took time out from a series of international crisis meetings on Iraq to express his sympathy for Warne and urge cricket authorities to deal with him fairly.

“He is a great Australian cricketer. My hope is he’ll be back playing for Australia before long,” Howard said in New York.

Warne’s family in Melbourne also spoke of their distress, with a source close to the family telling the Australian Associated Press the bowler had taken a pill given to him by his mother in circumstances that were “totally innocent”.

But there was little sympathy for Warne among newspaper commentators and radio talkback callers following the latest in a string of scandals that have tarnished the reputation of the man hailed as the greatest spin bowler of all time.

Critics cited Warne’s dealings with illegal bookmakers, a sex scandal in Britain where he was accused of bombarding a young nurse with suggestive phone messages and a general air of arrogance as evidence the bowler had “more flaws than the Empire State Building”.

They said Warne had let down his teammates and his conduct was naive, at the very least.

“When he dislocated his shoulder, Shane Warne must have damaged brain cells as well. What else will explain the numbingly dumb decision by one of the greatest cricketers in history to pop a diuretic?” Peter Jenkins asked in the Daily Telegraph.

However, there was some support for the beleaguered leggie. Respected Sydney Morning Herald commentator and former Somerset captain Peter Roebuck concluded: “It does sound like a minor matter, an oversight.”

Shane Warne is considered one of the best spin bowlers in cricket. However, his absence was not felt by the Australian team yesterday as they easily defeated Pakistan.

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  1. The woman who accused warne is very untrustworthy, coming from a poor background (no doubt) she is a very inhumane person to accuse one of the worlds greatest cricketer’s to have done some very bad things, of which we know is not true, and that warne is a very decent person. She has allegedly branded warne as a wife cheater and that is absurd. He only met this lady at a party, of which she was trying to act as a siren to warne. She is only in it for the publicity and money, which is an abominable reason. My colleagues and I believe that the story is a blackmail situation for warne, and no doubt she fears for her own safety. CAUSE IF SHE KEEPS ALL THE CRAP UP, WE GONNA FUCK HER UP, SHE ALREADY AINT FUCKIN SAFE, WITH BRANDING A WHITE MAN. SO BEWARE!!!!!

  2. Poetry

    Warne’ Test

    Why is He put on a twist?

    Can there be a leg



    Where? o where can it catch him?

    He slip’ a little, so can a women.

    He’ a new age man—with the

    licence to use against the

    Team who has not aloud him his

    Life style” as a porn star. Why wasn’t he playing the field or was there to many overs before tea.

    The press hound him for his wickets; his wife hound’ him for his pickets and the Auzzie public hound him for more tickets and his mistress control’ the wild side of his life, only to play with his area of interest’…Is she in prison for his romance sport? Oh she such a pretty lass is she! oh no not that bloody warn again boy.

    This Australian cricketing hero is put on the spot that seem’ only two faced by the British…Yea he enjoy’ a cig! but the most the English can say was; “he’ having to much fun with their English Maidens.”

    Fans of the opposite sex or the same sex are not what he cares so much for. As we know the “Prince of the United Kingdom! ‘Charles” will know how hard it is for this great Cricketer to enjoy his unequalled autonomous with the public domain. So how will he be publicize if this illustrious cricket taker is not given his villainous freedom for his humorous acts as a ambitious notary sport’ campaigner… Good luck to the British ash’ for their double standards in their British playboy life styles—Of the their rich and famous men like Winton Churchill said, never, never, never what? Oh well better luck next time! you poor bastards on the street…

    See ya later in the pre matchies

    Media nudies…What? Oh yea, mum’ the word? F#@kin good bullshit Bristish!!! A boy Cry from the Oval.
    PS please return my poem Thank you…

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