Us at My Brother-in-law’s Wedding

Zack and I at Fowzi's Wedding

By Amber

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  1. is your chick wearing a sari??? you know my mom got criticized for wearing saris to parties that were mostly pakistani back in the 80s (behind her back of course) instead of shalwar-kamiz or whatever. have fashions changed? aren’t saris hindu?

  2. Saris are now somewhat back in vogue, especially for formal ocassions, like weddings etc. (excepting the ethnic groups like Bengalis etc. for whom it is a normal dress).

    I think they were really not in style in the 80s. The 80s in Pakistan were a strange time; basically Zia’s Islamization and recovering from the liberal mores of the 70s. I know my mom and aunts used to wear saris on ocassion in the 70s, though I can’t recall any of them wearing saris in the 80s.

  3. Mariam: That I have got definitely. Let me find them and check with the others in the photos if it is ok to post them online.

  4. Since the fall of Dhaka government of Pakistan started a huge campaign to cutt off Pakistans’ cultural roots from India. Zulfiqar ali bhutto appearing in Shalwar Kameez and then Pakistan television’s anti-sari policy are just an example. Zia’s 11 year were the time when we were forced to become Pakistani by wearing Pakistani, thinking Pakistani and acting like a Pakistani which should always be totally opposite to Indians and must be similar to Arab, Persian and Afghan cultures.

  5. Can someone please help me, I am attending a friends wedding I am not muslim (My background is Irish) and I don’t know what to wear. Someone suggested I wear a sari, but I don’t want to offend anyone. My friend is from Pakistan his bride to be is from India. Any suggestions????

  6. u can wear sari’s on wotever religion or culture, only if u are muslim be sure to wear one that covers the whole of your body bcos the original sari shows ur stomach.

  7. Hi everyone i really dont know how i got onto this site but i’m glad i did, i hope someone can give me some advice and answers. firstly that red sari she is wearing in the pic is beautiful!
    where did she get it from, was this wedding in india or pakistan.

    i just wanted to know whether people can get things ready made for them because i have this wedding lengha in my head and was wondering whether i cud go to india or pakistan with a drawing of it and wud they make it for me – exactly how i want it? also how much do u think it wud cost and cud i find matching jewellry to go with it cos everyones been telling me that if u wanna shop properlly for asian dresses and jewellry the best place is the mother home (am i making any sense)?

    and if i wanted to get my own jewellry made for me wud they do that too, i saw a picture of this beautiful gold set but if i brought it from the london store they were advertising it in it wud of cost me an arm and a leg – can i get better and cheaper things from india or pakistan do u think.

    if u have been too confused by wot i was saying u dont have to answer back – dont worry i’m used to getting ignored for talking alot of rubbish – wow look at me i really cant stop typing, just for the record i luv being asian. wen u look at white people and the jewellry they wear u cant help but laugh, they wear big gold hoops and thick gold chains that dont even match – it really makes u proud to be asian – we’re brilliant wen it comes to wearing jewellry l8rsss

  8. does anyone have pictures of the jewels they wore in Devdas? or does anyone know a site were i can find out. if u have seen devdas there was this one ring that paro (ash rai) was wearing on her wedding day – no the day after the wedding wen she walks past her parents to go to devdas home and then they are both kneeling and when he tries to put the braclet on her she opens it for him – well if you look at her hand at that very moment she is wearing a long hexagon ring made from gold which has blue pearls and dangly things. that ring is to die for! i’m willing to pay any price for that ring so does anyone know where i can get this or does anyone have any photos of that ring for me to show someone – if you do please please please put in on this site for me to copy i will love and praise you forever :*)

  9. lala: Nobody asked you if Muslims could wear saris or not. Plus this post is not even about that.

    ruby: The wedding was in Pakistan. The sari was brought from India by a friend.

    Regarding getting your own design of clothes or jewelry made in the subcontinent, it can be done, though you would need to know a good tailor/jeweller.

    adenikeo: I haven’t seen Devdas so can’t help you there.

  10. yes the red sari is very nice, beautiful jewels to match. is this woman white she looks very fair
    the only thing that ruins this pic is the man standing next to her what a mess what is going on with the hair somebody please give this poor dude some scissors long hair is so the victorian times

  11. hi zack i’m back again – did u miss me? 🙂

    u probably did cos i know u fancy me, how comes u and everyone in ur family got english names. u think but calling urself zach people will think ur white? and wots ur sons name again john? matthew? jake? steven? or is it something else and wot ru planing on calling ur other kids – tom, dick and harry??? lol its blantly obvious u a paki – so ur not fooling any1.

    by the way ur womans sari aint that great i’ve seen better l8rssss john bye

    4rm kirran mathur

  12. kirra: Who are you? How can I miss you when I don’t even know you?

    I have never tried to hide that I am from Pakistan.

  13. hello namaste the sari is nice. what are we supposed to do for this site, so that wedding was in pakistan where do u originally live. do u live in america, i live in Atlantic City and have great dificulty in purchising indian clothing as there are none in this area and very few in the US. plz tell me if u know of any places near by where i can shop i’ve never been to india or pakistan and dont know if my family are ever planning on going so the only time i can get new materials is if a family memeber comes on holiday to stay with us. i recently went to Texas to meet my cousin, shes one of the very few hindus that live there and there are absolutley no indian shops there for her to purchuse clothing. dont u think they should have more cultural shops opening in america as we have many asian people living in here.

  14. hello: I live in the US. Sorry can’t help you much with Indian clothing stores in the US since we get ours from Pakistan or in the case of this sari from Calcutta. However, when we lived in central Jersey, I recall there were some desi clothing stores in Edison (on Oaktree Rd).

  15. dear zack,

    my sister has just gotten engaged and is to get married this summer so we need to get her wedding outfit and jewellry quickly. it is VERY expensive in england to buy anything and i heard that if you go to pakistan you can buy many things which are 10 times cheaper – is this true. are the good quality aswell and can u get them in big sizes because some of my family member are bigger than other

  16. zara: Generally, they are cheaper in Pakistan than in the US. I don’t know about the UK. However, jewellery prices might not be hugely different. The quality varies but there is a lot more variety of wedding clothes and desi jewellery in Pakistan.

  17. Hello everyone. I have a question and thought you all could help. I am american and married to a wonderful Indian woman who is hindu. I recently found out that her sister’s husband’s sister is getting married across the country, so the relationship is my wife’s sister’s in-law’s sister. My wife thinks that the customs are that we must attend. I clearly have no familiarity with what customs are, and she says they are different all over India. I’m concerned about travelling all over the world for every wedding imaginable (he has other sisters, and my wife has other sisters who will have in-laws with sisters/brothers). But I have no one to ask if this is normal or if there are other things that are acceptable (sending a gift). I also don’t want to get in an argument with her without any knowledge on the issue. Any advice you can give me is appreciated. Thank you all!

  18. Curious: Traditions in families vary and individual adherence to such traditions is even more variable. This really is between you and your wife.

  19. hey zeke hows its going. just wanna ask is it cheaper to buy indian clothing and jewellery abroad from their mother country or is there not much different if u were to buy them where u live. i live in london by the way and for some costume necklace sets they are charged £10-£20 apiece. is that too expensive? get back to me soon yeh

  20. Don’t know about elsewhere but I know lots of people who sell bridal and formal Pakistani clothes from home at very good prices, a lot cheaper and nicer than what you would find at stores around here.

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