Haloscan Acting Up Again

Haloscan has not been reliable as a commenting system recently. They have too much down time for “maintenance”. Same thing today:

Server work in progress

We’re doing some routine maintenance on the server. We will have the commenting restored later today.

Update: We’ve restored the commenting but a couple of the most recent posts from a few accounts may be missing. Those comments are safe however and will be resynced later.

Because of this, comments for the last couple of days are not showing up right now. I hope they restore them soon.

If anyone has suggestions for a better commenting system, please email me. Also, is it possible to import the current Haloscan comments to some other commenting system?

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By Zack

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  1. I’m afraid the situation with comments systems is not very good. The best one, in my opinion, is YACCS but they’re no longer accepting new members. If you’re really desperate, I have a YACCS account that I’m no longer using and I can switch it over to you. Email me.

    Enetation is probably the next most popular system after YACCS and Haloscan.

    Others I have seen include BlogOut and backBlog.

    There are some others but they generally require you to have your own server space to run the comments from.

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