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Where do you fall on the liberal – conservative political spectrum? (United States)

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By Zack

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  1. The quiz is basically about some hot-button social issues. My guess is our answers to the individual questions vary quite a bit but come down to a similar score overall.

  2. Nobody can be put into a political category by simply answering a few questions…if you would like an exteremely accurate placement on where you stand with political and social issues regaurding society, you would need to answer hundreds of questions…i really do think that this quiz gets down to the large political issues in society, but I wouldn’t say it is accurate…i am a liberal! yay (i really am one, but this test doesn’t lie…where is the authoritive and libertarian section?)

  3. John, Mike: Obviously short quizzes like this are not correct. People usually have more complex views than can be measured by a quiz. It’s fun though.

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