Since our camping plans were cancelled due to rain, all we really did was watch some movies.

Bend it like Beckham is a typical comedy showing the clash between immigrants and their children. It is about a Sikh family in Britain. Their daughter wants to play soccer which they consider a bad thing for girls. The movie poster shows the main character Jess wearing a sari and holding soccer shoes. Well, Sikhs are basically from Punjab (now divided between India and Pakistan with most of the Sikhs in India) and saris really aren’t their traditional wear. In fact, Jess wears a sari only once in the movie, at her sister’s wedding. Another nitpick is that the characters spoke a lot of Urdu/Hindi in the movie. Wrong! Sikhs speak Punjabi (a language I can understand a little when spoken).

It was a fun movie to watch since some of the immigrant idiosyncracies were very familiar. However, being a comedy, it needed a happy ending. In real life, it could have gone either way.

Matrix Reloaded was good, almost as good as the original but not quite. The reason is simple: The Matrix was a pioneer. The action sequences in the sequel seemed more from a Hong Kong action movie than of the caliber of the original. I liked the plot twist near the end though.

This movie does not really end. You’ll have to watch The Matrix Revolutions for that. Obviously, Matrix is not the Lord of the Rings, so the division into 3 parts does not work as well.

To watch X2, Amber needed to see X-men first. So we rented it on sunday. It was good to watch it again. I had liked it originally, but was skeptical that Amber would like it. However, I was wrong; she liked it very much. We didn’t have time to watch X2, so it will have to wait another 2 weeks.

Author: Zack

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