CIA’s War

Josh Marshall quotes the Nelson Report about war between the CIA and the administration. and the war has just begun, intelligence community sources warn. The Iraq/Niger debacle is but one of “a whole series of stories which are ready to break”, a source told us today, adding, “I’ve never seen such hostility and disdain as… Continue reading CIA’s War

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Boring Porn

I can understand the woman’s reaction, but what kind of porn puts a man to sleep?

Pakistan and Afghanistan

This random rant is brought to you courtesy of Tacitus: Pakistan itself, meanwhile, is happily engaging in its national pasttime of effectively ignoring its extremists and conducting small-scale aggression against its neighbors. Is Islamabad an ally? I guess if Riyadh is, sure. And I deserved to get hit, because he works hard and I didn’t… Continue reading Pakistan and Afghanistan

X2 and T3

This was the weekend of sequels and single letters. We finally watched X2. It’s good; in fact, it’s better than the first one. But you definitely should have seen X-men before watching X2. There is not much character development and screen time is divided almost equally. Definitely one of my favorite comic book movies. We… Continue reading X2 and T3

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Comments Imported

You might have noticed that the “Most Comments” on the sidebar have changed drastically since yesterday. That is because I was finally able to import all my Haloscan comments. Gabriel Misura has written the Perl code required to import comments from Haloscan. It works like a charm except that the email addresses get a bit… Continue reading Comments Imported

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I Don’t Speak Muslim!

On CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, Senator John Kerry had this to say: “And I believe the obligation of the United States government, of the president is to rapidly internationalize the effort in Iraq, get the target off of American troops, bring other people, particularly Muslim-speaking and Arabic-speaking Muslim troops, into the region, help… Continue reading I Don’t Speak Muslim!

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Israel and Pakistan – A Report

Google is great; it’s amazing what you can find while looking through your referral logs. I have gotten quite a few visits who were searching for Israel and Pakistan. My post about Pakistani recognition of Israel is #5 on Google. While looking through the search results, I noticed a report Beyond the Veil: Israel-Pakistan Relations… Continue reading Israel and Pakistan – A Report

Yellowcake and Moussaoui

No, I am not trying to link the two. These are the big news in recent days. I thought about blogging about them, but I don’t have anything original to say and lots of bloggers have already posted about it. The blog central for information on the Bush claim that Iraq was trying to get… Continue reading Yellowcake and Moussaoui

Honda Civic R.I.P.

Amber’s car was in the workshop since her accident. Now, we have found out that the frame of the car is damaged and our insurance is declaring the car a total loss. I am surprised since the airbags did not deploy. So I thought she was not going fast. We bought the silver 1999 Honda… Continue reading Honda Civic R.I.P.

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Photography Related Questions

Is it possible to have the thumbnail show up on the main page and monthly and category archives (with the full-sized image available as a pop-up by clicking on the thumbnail) but have a full-sized image on the individual entry archive? I could put the full-sized image in the Extended Entry part, but then both… Continue reading Photography Related Questions