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I have changed the way my reading list appears. It now shows the cover of the book from Amazon. Thanks to Yaser for his technique of easily doing this. Also, thanks to Anders Jacobsen for how to do this using SSI instead of PHP and to Adam Kalsey for his MTAmazon plugin.

POSTSCRIPT: Do you think the page loads too slowly now? Are the book cover images of the right size? I am especially interested to hear from readers with dialup connections. Please let me know.

Author: Zack

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5 thoughts on “Book List”

  1. lookin good. =)
    are you seriously reading 9 books at once?

    and yeah, let us know how “White Teeth” goes. I’ve been meaning to get around to reading it too.

  2. I am just starting on White Teeth. Will let you know when I am done.

    yasmine: I am not really reading 9 books. I have configured it to show the last 10 entries. I just finished Taylor Branch’s books on civil rights era and the 2 shape analysis books are sort of related to my research.

  3. haha, you’re actually doing it the way i did. unbelievable.

    were the directions easy enough to follow? or do they need tweaking? cuz if they do, i’ll tweak =)

  4. yaser: The directions were easy. Thanks. The only problem I have is when I am editing my list, I can’t tell which book it is. So I am thinking of including the title and author in the excerpt. Plus I can then use the excerpt for an RSS feed.

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