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Congratulations to Godless Capitalist for the 1000th comment.

And it seems I am famous now since I got my first real hateful comment against Muslims (I have had antisemitic comments before but they were more about conspiracy theories than direct hate. UPDATE: Rereading those comments, I was wrong. I have had comments which were extremely hateful towards Jews). This guy, from the US, was so filled by hate that he needed to repeat the same comment 5 times.

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  1. I hate Islam. I don’t hate you, I don’t even know you, but I hate Islam because of all the horror that it did throughout history and especially india. From some of your articles, I see that you think people take the quran out of context. If you want to reform Islam, you must tell muslims that

    1) making friends with jews and infidels is GOOD

    2) Kiss the infidel, don’t kill the infidel

    3) no cutting off hands

    4) no claiming “booty”

    5) no polygamy

    6) no fiery hell

    7) no virgins

    8) earth is round (sheikh of saudi arabia disagrees)
    I could go on but you get the point. You would have to take out a lot of things. Reading the quran in context reveals that it was written by primitive people with little recognition of science.
    Alas, I’m afraid you cannot change your religion because technically speaking the marriage to aisha was very inappropriate as were the killing of innocents by muhammad. also muhammad had slaves and did not forbid it. It doesn’t matter what your liberal interpretation of islam is, what matters is how it has been viewed throughout history, and how it will always be viewed. You may willfully ignore all of the bad stuff in the quran, but that doesn’t make it automatically go away. Most muslims will still believe in all of that violent stuff, thus reform is impossible. I fear that only more violence will come from Islam against other countries. you may have a good idea, but I’m afraid you are in denial. just like the bible, the quran has to be read only as an ancient mythology about the barbarity of the past, not as a religion. Islam’s past should not be whitewashed like it has been. Distortion of history leads to victimization felt by muslims which leads to extremism and violence. I’m not trying to deconvert you, because I know that your religiosity is inherited, but that doesn’t mean that I can respect the verses of a book that lead the deaths of millions of my ancestors.

    About LGf, it seems from a lot of mohammedian blogs I read that muohammedians hate LGF. You have to realize several things before you pass judgment. Here in the US, learning about the holocaust is very important. Sometimes people in that forum see the rising anti-semitism in the arab world now as similar to that of Europe in the 1930s. We can never tell if one of the arab countries is going to use bio/chem weapons against Israel. There is all kinds of propaganda in the entire islamic world about antisemitism, and even in europe. There are people in India who couldn’t spot Israel on a map and they hate israel just because of their muslim “brothers”. Pakistan is not a democracy and everyone knows that. The pakistan helped the taliban via the ISI and that is what caused 9/11. India will do an alliance with the US and Israel in the future to share intelligence and fight terrorism. The only thing that is keeping US and India apart is Pakistan, who won’t find Bin Laden, even if it is easy to do so. Pakistan won’t do this because it is their protection card to stay close to Washington. meanwhile, India is frustrated because of Paki’s crimes in Kashmir. And also, you must know as razib pointed out in another blog that Bangladesh/Pakistan ethnically cleansed hindus. I have a bigger list of crimes committed by mohhamedians throughout history, but I won’t talk about it now. This is why I dislike Islam. Also, I find that muslims are ALWAYS biased towards Palestinians and Pakistanis, and that is what I object to. I say that the Pakis have slaughtered a ridiculous number of kashmir pundits. Only people in your blog would actually think that pakistan isn’t a terrorist state. Most of the hate towards infidels is due to bad teachings. when i go on mohammedian blogs, i notice mohamedians calling the jerusalem post “zionest propaganda” and I never hear muslims (besides you occasionally) condemn all kinds of wicked things done by muslims that are directly supported by the quran and ahadith. only israels supposed war crimes are mentioned but nothing about blown up children and their dreams. there is no moral equivalence between israel and “palestine”. one of your friends al-muhajabah is very antisemitic from what I have read of her post and this, even though she is a “moderate” muslim. what about the treatment of the copts in egypt? what about the treatment of christians in pakistan? honor killings in jordan? let’s not even get started on Africa It is a double standard. That is why this is a clash of civillizations. Because most muslims think that the USA is operated by zionists and is a terrorist state. This is why I hate Islam. It gives people a pretense to support other criminals just because they are your “brothers”. also, i think indira ghandi and nehru and jinnah were three of the biggest criminals and psecs of all time. I try to read muslim blogs but I get frustrated because you always support the ummah and never the infidels. This is one of the great dangers of Islam. The support of the ummah no matter what. the blindfolded hatred of all things non ummah. there is a muslim lying meme that spreads like wildfire all over the world You may not display this bad quality, but a lot of mohammedians do. never forget 71’ I think you should carefully reconsider your religion and just abandon it. there is no god.
    best regards

  2. Owl: You can get the mithai any time you want since I am celebrating this long Islam-hating comment on this thread as well. Do you want me to throw it in your general direction? 😉

    Arash: I always thought vigins are overrated.

    anonymouslurker: Sigh! What can I say? How about “I hate atheism”? But that would be a lie. I don’t think you came here to convince me. And I don’t believe I can change your mind. And if you do want to comment, can you at least say Muslims instead of “mohammedians”.

    So what the heck! This is my blog and I’ll reply to your comment even if it’s a waste of time and bandwidth.

    I hate Islam. I don’t hate you, I don’t even know you, but I hate Islam because of all the horror that it did throughout history and especially india.

    Thanks for not hating me. If I look at the history of the world (or even India) over the last 1000-2000 years, I see a lot of problems, massacres, etc. Some of them were perpetrated by Muslims and some against them and in others they had no part. It’s a mixed record definitely, but an evil one, I don’t think so.

    1,2,3,4) Agreed.
    5) Agreed, at least my wife does. 😉
    6) Ah most Americans disagree with you there.
    7) Virgins are overrated in any case.
    8) Agreed. Do you have any link for that?

    Is that what you think Islam is? You do need to broaden your horizon.

    Reading the quran in context reveals that it was written by primitive people with little recognition of science.

    Quran is not a science book. It is a book about morality and society. Same with Bible or any other religious text.

    also muhammad had slaves and did not forbid it.

    A topic I have been planning to write about for a long time but get sidetracked. You might be pleasantly surprised by my post.

    It doesn’t matter what your liberal interpretation of islam is

    I would argue that to me what matters is what I think and do rather than your interpretation.

    Most muslims will still believe in all of that violent stuff, thus reform is impossible.

    Completely unsupported statement. There are violent Muslims. There also are violent atheists, Hindus, animists, Christians, Sikhs, etc., etc. Religion is what you make of it. It can be a force for good as well.

    About LGF, you have to realize that when someone there argues for genocide of Muslims, I can’t say “go ahead”. LGF could have served as a good source of material for some of the crazy rantings of extremist Muslims, but it has become a mirror image of those guys. That is the issue with LGF, not antisemitism.

    Regarding India and Kashmir, while I agree that the extremists coming in from Pakistan have done a lot of wrong, the Kashmir problem existed before that. It was India’s failure to satify the local Kashmiris that led to the protests in the 1980s. I am starting a series of posts on Kashmir soon. You might be interested in reading those.

    i think indira ghandi and nehru and jinnah were three of the biggest criminals

    Agreed about Indira, though I am not sure if she was “one of the biggest criminals”. Nehru and Jinnah had some major faults but I think they were not that bad. Do you think the BJP is on the right track with its communal policies?

    never forget 71’

    I agree that the 1971 massacre of Bengalis by the Pakistani army was atrocious. If you are implicating it as religious, it was not. It was an ethnic issue. Plenty of Bengali Muslims and Hindus were killed.

  3. About the “genocide” remarks at LGF: They view militant Islam similar to state shinto of Japan, so they are proposing the same kind of total war. Out of the hundreds of people that are online, only a couple actually say things like that. Yes, history is filled with bloodshed. If an atheist commits murder, it’s not because he is an atheist. That is a non-sequitur. It maybe because they a communist/socialist, which is political, not a religious reason. Atheism in itself is not dangerous. However, muslims are demanded to kill by their religion and have been for 1400 years. That is why it is dangerous. You cannot see this from your perspective, you should look at it objectively.

    The earth is flat, and anyone who disputes this claim is an atheist who deserves to be punished.”
    – Sheik Abdel-Aziz Ibn Baaz, Supreme religious authority, Saudi Arabia, 1993

    about 1971

    Best Regards

  4. And I thought only “believers” suffered from delusions of grandeur, spouting endless streams of non-sequiters and a general ability to rant.

    Ah, but then this person like to read FFI…

  5. Ok Thebit. I have some questions for you.
    1) How many pro-Israeli muslims do you know?
    2) How many muslims do you know that will say that the quran does incite violence against unbelievers?
    3) Why doesn’t your buddy Al-Muhajabah admit that the quran incites violence against the unbelievers?
    4) Is shariah fair?
    5) Why are there people out there who think that the dictator Musharraf and his cronies are better than the government of India?

    These are basically the points I addressed in my “rant”. As far as delusions of grandeur are concerned, I have none.

  6. Lurker — You’re a (unintentionally) funny guy. Question 1 is totally random (how many pro-kumquat muslims do you know — huh? huh? Why are there not more pro-Bolivian Muslims — do you admit the conspiracy against Bolivia — why are you avoiding the question?)

    Questions 2 and 3 are quite funny when read together. Question 4 might lead to an interesting discussion about law. But I doubt it will on this thread (if you ask a one-line question, you deserve a one-line answer).

    But 5 really tops them all. It’s true, many people will foolishly insist that Pakistan is better off not having a BJP government. If you are interested in starting a website encouraging Pakistanis to vote BJP, I would be willing to work with you.

  7. This is a little bit like
    #1: “So when did you stop hitting your wife”??
    #2: “I don’t hit my wife, I’ve never hit my wife!”
    #1: “Trying to deny it are you? You’re male, and all those women who’ve experienced domestic violence, it came from men, so don’t even try to hide it!
    #1: “But I’m a man and I don’t hit my wife, I don’t believe that’s right, and I don’t believe that being a man makes you any more likely to hit your wife”
    #2: “Can’t lie about the statistics mate, go look at all those battered women shelters, they’ll tell you it was the men that did it!

  8. Well, this is true. On the other hand given the absolute lack of expectations, I am sure that the threshold of performance expected will be so low as to be a relief. No doubt a great gratification to those male egos constantly in torment over their virility (or lack thereof). A not insignificant proportion of the population, I would guess.

  9. I apologize for the previous comment and any other comments that I have left here at your website. I’ve left many, I think. I was wrong. When you’re depressed, you are full of hate. Most of the hate is directed at yourself, though some of it spills over to others. Some people are merely a convenient scapegoat whom receive the hate. I can’t believe I’m admitting that I was wrong. It’s funny how clarity and honesty start to reappear in you when all that is left is the will to die. Anyways, I hope you accept my apologies, and even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter because nothing really matters. So, in conclusion; I’m sorry.

  10. The comments by “anonymous lurker” and by “a” in this thread as well as some other comments in other threads. I’m too lazy to go find out which entries they are in at this point. Also, I ran a weblog called “Dar al Harb” where I did a foaming at the mouth routine for a little bit before I started to feel embarassed by what I was doing. It’s still linked by some big hitters, although I deleted it some time ago(except in google search). Anyways, it doesn’t matter now. All is past. Nothing really matters. Goodbye.

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