Pakistani Blogs

KO is compiling a list of Pakistani blogs. He already has 26 blogs on his list. If you know of any more, whether in Pakistan or expats like me, let him know.

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Arrival Day

The Head Heeb has come up with an ethnic holiday for American Jews. As he explains, 349 years ago today, the ship St. Catherine landed at New Amsterdam carrying 23 Jewish settlers. They were not the first Jews to set foot on American soil — the merchant Solomon Franco had visited Boston in 1649 before… Continue reading Arrival Day

Woodrow Wilson

Once again Wilsonian ideas are popular, both with liberal hawks and neoconservatives. So I thought I should excerpt some comments about Wilson from the book I am reading nowadays about the Versailles Peace conference at the end of World War I. Wilson never forgave those who disagreed with him. […]He was also stubborn. […]The French… Continue reading Woodrow Wilson

Imitation Fitness Blog

Inspired by Unqualified Offerings, I thought I would post about my fitness struggle. My problems are somewhat different than his. For one thing, weighing 166lbs and being 6ft tall means I don’t need to reduce my weight. My problems come from two sources: A life spent being underweight: I weighed 125lbs until my early 20s.… Continue reading Imitation Fitness Blog

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Spam in Comments

Another blog milestone today: I got spam! Somebody left a comment for enlarging certain parts of male anatomy.

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A Dervish’s Dua

Via my referrer logs, I noticed a new blog “A Dervish’s Dua” by Maryam. She has a good post on Muslim feminism as well as a good debunking of Amir Taheri’s claim that hijab is an invention of the 1970s.

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Are You a Neocon?

An interesting quiz. Surprise, surprise, I turn out to be a liberal. Liberals… Are wary of American arrogance and hypocrisy Trace much of today’s anti-American hatred to previous US foreign policies. Believe political solutions are inherently superior to military solutions Believe the US is morally bound to intervene in humanitarian crises Oppose American imperialism Support… Continue reading Are You a Neocon?

Labor Productivity

The International Labor Organization has issued a report about key indicators of the labor market around the world. I was interested in seeing the productivity numbers as well as hours worked. Here is the data for the top 10 countries with the highest output per hour worked. Country Output per person Hours worked Output per… Continue reading Labor Productivity

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I am Back

I am back from Jersey. It was such nice weather there today (except for the rain) and it’s so HOT in Atlanta. Our weekend was eventless, though we did wander around Long Island (the Hamptons specifically) and watched the movie Open Range.

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