Pakistani Blogs

KO is compiling a list of Pakistani blogs. He already has 26 blogs on his list. If you know of any more, whether in Pakistan or expats like me, let him know.

Author: Zack

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6 thoughts on “Pakistani Blogs”

  1. KO: Hope it gets more comprehensive, especially for “in Pakistan” blogs. I am also interested in finding polotical and current affairs blogs by Pakistanis, whether in the US or Pakistan.

    Owl: Not only are you listed, your blog has been rated by about 50 people.

  2. I haven’t come across any political/current affairs blog here.

    I wouldn’t mind contributing to such a site, ideally it needs around 4-5 people so it doesn’t put too much pressure on any one person to post.

    And of course there could be guest posts which can be emailed to the blog owners who then decide to post them.

    your thoughts?

  3. KO: That seems to be a good idea. I am willing to contribute as well. Got any other people in mind?

    One thing that’s required for group blogs is some convergence in views, otherwise the contributing blogers start arguing with themselves.

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