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You might or might not have noticed my browsing list on the sidebar. It is just below the list of books on the right. This “browsing list” will comprise of any interesting stuff I find net-surfing. Putting a URL on that list does not mean that I agree or endorse the contents of that webpage; just that I find it interesting and would like to return to that page. In fact, of the links on my list right now, I haven’t actually read or explored any yet.

It is sort of similar to Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s Particles sideblog.

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By Zack

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  1. yasmine: I am confused. Is your parents’ 1st language Pashto or Hindko? Didn’t your sister mention them speaking Hindko?

  2. Both. =)
    My dad’s mother was Pukhtun, so he spoke Pukhtu with her and Hindku with his father. My mother’s first language was Hindku (her mother was Pathan and therefore Pukhtun as well, but didn’t know the language, and married into a non-Pukhtun family).

    When my parents got married, my mother picked up Pukhtu too, and up to a few years ago they spoke to one another primarily in Pukhtu. Interestingly enough, that was my first language too, but then I went off to kindergarten and forgot most of it. These days, we speak to our mother in Hindku and to our father in English, and they’ve resorted back to Hindku with each other as well.

    Yeah, we’re a pretty confused family. =)

  3. yasmine: That is confusing for a poor bilingual like me. Yes, we just ignored my Mom’s 1st language. Never learnt it.

    Pukhtu? So nothern pathans? I think the “kh” ones are more common in pakistan than “sh” ones.

    Wow, you are pentalingual then?

  4. What was your mother’s first language, Zack?
    And, yes, northern Pathans.
    As for pentalingual, don’t give me that much credit. 🙂 My Urdu, German, and Pukhtu are all getting terribly rusty. I think I’ll just stick to English and Hindku for the time being.

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