Toll and Speeding

Eric Muller has some interesting thoughts on giving speeding tickets on toll highways. It arises for me specifically in the context of the NJ Turnpike, but it pertains to any highway that gives you a toll coupon when you enter the highway and then collects it from you (with a payment) when you leave the… Continue reading Toll and Speeding

Saudi Nuclear Bomb?

Via The Poor Man and Tacitus, I read a news story on UPI and Washington Times (both stories are by the same guy) about Pakistan helping Saudi Arabia acquire nuclear weapons. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have concluded a secret agreement on “nuclear cooperation” that will provide the Saudis with nuclear-weapons technology in exchange for cheap… Continue reading Saudi Nuclear Bomb?

Taller = Richer?

According to this article, taller people earn more money than short ones. Apparently, size does matter. According to a recent report by the University of Florida, tall people earn considerably more money than their shorter counterparts throughout life. They earn approximately $789 more per inch, per year, according to the experts. Timothy Judge and Daniel… Continue reading Taller = Richer?

Graduate School

Brian has some good advice for surviving graduate school. Most people go through periods of wondering if they’re smart enough to be in graduate school. My friend Jordan discovered that most people at her grad school wondered if they had been admitted by mistake. I’ve found the same thing here at UW. The reality is… Continue reading Graduate School

Iraq and Philippines

I was amused to read about President Bush’s comparison of Iraq to Philippines. President Bush told the Congress of this former American colony on Saturday that Iraq, like the Philippines, could be transformed into a vibrant democracy. He also pledged his help in remaking the troubled and sometimes mutinous Philippine military into a force for… Continue reading Iraq and Philippines

What I am Reading

I am busy, so no regular posts today. However, here is some stuff I am reading: A New York Times article about the Lackawanna Six, the Yemeni-Americans in Buffalo who trained at an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. An interesting article about the history of the oath of allegiance that naturalized citizens have to take.… Continue reading What I am Reading


Curse the stupid person(s) whose actions resulted in a fire alarm at 4am. Crazy time to get up, quickly get dressed and then go out of the building. I couldn’t sleep for a while afterwards and feel tired today.

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Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is the highest peak (1,530 ft) in the park. Lots of people go to the summit to watch the sunrise there. It was a lot of fun despite the wind-induced cold.

Schoodic Peninsula

A part of Acadia National Park on the mainland.

A Bird at Schoodic Peninsula

A bird at the rocky beach in Maine…