Taller = Richer?

According to this article, taller people earn more money than short ones.

Apparently, size does matter.

According to a recent report by the University of Florida, tall people earn considerably more money than their shorter counterparts throughout life. They earn approximately $789 more per inch, per year, according to the experts.

Timothy Judge and Daniel Cable, both business professors — Judge at UF and Cable at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — analyzed the results of four large-scale research studies to come up with their conclusions.

Of the four studies used, three were conducted in the United States and one in Great Britain. All four studies followed thousands of participants from childhood to adulthood, examining details of their work and personal lives in order to come up with conclusions on success and habits.

Judge’s study, which controlled for gender, weight and age, found that mere inches cost thousands of dollars. Each inch in height amounted to about $789 more a year in pay, the study found. So someone who is 7 inches taller — say 6 feet versus 5-foot-5 — would be expected to earn $5,525 more annually, he said.

Does that mean that I should be earning $8,679 more than Amber?

The average height of Americans today is 69.1 inches — about 5-foot-9 — for men and 63.7 inches — nearly 5-foot-4 — for women.

Interesting. I thought American men were taller, close to 6 feet.

(Via Gene Expression.)

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10 thoughts on “Taller = Richer?”

  1. i believe the mean is different than the median-so we might be cautious when we hear “average.” the dutch are 5’11 btw, the tallest in the world (nationally).

  2. I think the height think only applies to men. Height matters less for women, and weight matters more.

    I also think there may be regional differences in hieght int he US. I noticed that in TX, I am very short, while in NY I am average. Corn-fed country boys…

  3. razib: I knew about the Dutch being the tallest. But I am surprised at the mean American height since I didn’t think I was a good 3 inches taller than the average. Most people I know (excepting all kinds of Asians) are around my height plus/minus an inch or so.

    Al-Muhajabah: Do what Andrew has done, calculate how much less you should earn than Shaq O’Neal. 😉

    Andrew: Seems I should be earning that much as well.

    Ikram: Interesting, but I didn’t find Texans to be much taller than New Yorkers (excluding all kind sof Asians from the comparison). Heavier and bigger frames generally, but not taller.

  4. Awww yeaaah, I’m above the average! Whoohooo! And I’m glad to finally know that the Dutch do have the tallest average. I was watching the Holland Hockey Team against Pakistan during the Olympics and it looked like white adults verses brown children. Lol….

  5. i’m 5’8 (without shoes)-i felt very short at my high school in eastern oregon and am mildly short here in a small liberal theater town in southern oregon. when i visit boston or new york i feel taller. when i visited louisiana i felt taller too (the cajun regions-never been to northern louisiana).

  6. Owl: I am 3 inches taller than the US average while my wife is 3 inches shorter than average. Interesting imagery of the Dutch Vs Pakistani players.

    razib: Interesting. Somehow most American guys I know are 5’10 to 6’2. You are probably still taller than an average Bangladeshi though.

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