Spam and Blacklist

I have been getting regular spam in the comments recently. Therefore, I have installed the MT-Blacklist plugin to prevent posting of spam comments.

If you encounter any problems with comments or trackback, please let me know.

Also, the plugin allows one to publicly publish their blacklist. Mine will be published here when I add to the original blacklist supplied with the plugin.

UPDATE: Uninstalled for now because of some errors.

Author: Zack

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4 thoughts on “Spam and Blacklist”

  1. Jay Allen is hard at work on a new version that fixes bugs and adds new functionality. I’m serving as an alpha-tester. It looks very promising so far although it’s conflicting with a couple of hacks that I have installed.

  2. isn’t this irrelevant if you close off comments after a certain period??? i just did that by implementing a trivial PHP script and we don’t have that problem anymore….

  3. Al-Muhajabah: That would be good. I emailed him about my errors. Apparently I am the only one with those errors.

    razib: The spammers can comment on newer comments. You are right that the problem is reduced quite a bit. Right now, spam is not a big issue for me. I haven’t gotten lots of spam comments, only about 10-20. So I can delete them manually.

  4. Razib – Yes, I use that PHP script as well, and I’m sure that it helps keep the volume of spam down. However, as long as you have any open comments, you’re at risk from spam, hence the need for other solutions.

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