What 20th Century Theorist Are You?

Apparently, all these years of grad school have gone to waste. Despite being out of undergrad for a decade, I am still one at heart.

You are an undergraduate! Your mind has not yet warped into the utter oddness of contemporary theory. If you put down the beer bong, and start reading dreafully weird theory, you’ll probably have a better chance of not getting the answer designed to make fun of you.

What 20th Century Theorist are you?
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Via Brian’s Study Breaks.

Author: Zack

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5 thoughts on “What 20th Century Theorist Are You?”

  1. So Zack bro, how do you feel being an Undergrad? Retro feeling? Why quizzes are so addictive and probably pressure breakers too? Thanks for pointing out a nice one.

  2. Ejaz: I already feel retro as a grad student. I started grad school after working for a few years, so I am older than most of my school friends. The youngest are about a decade younger. 🙂

    Being an undergrad is fun, especially the beer bong 😉

    Quizzes are definitely fun. Not sure about the addictive part.

    Hafsa: Interesting.

  3. Damn. I’m getting a “Quiz ID Not Valid” error. And it looks like one of the better quizzes, too, though the penultimate question looks too “on the nose,” like in bad quizzes.

  4. I am an undergrad too! I tweak it a bit and then I became Michele Foucault…then I tweak it significantly further, and I was Martin Heidegger!

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