Matrix and Kill Bill

We watched The Matrix Revolutions and Kill Bill: Vol. 1 over the weekend.

The Matrix Revolutions is an OK movie in my opinion. All the reviews and blog posts about it that I have read have panned the movie, but I liked it better than The Matrix Reloaded. Reloaded had a lot of bad philosophisizing that didn’t make much sense and that was discarded for Revolutions. Obviously both the sequels are no match for the original The Matrix, which lest we forget was good because of its premise and its action sequences rather than the philosophy.

There is absolutely no comparison between Revolutions and Kill Bill: Vol. 1. All I can say is WOW. Kill Bill is Tarantino at his best. He uses the 1970s Hong Kong action movie stuff brilliantly. I am a big fan of Pulp Fiction, and was expecting something great from Tarantino again. Let’s just say he didn’t disappoint.

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  1. While Tarantino is a great director, Kill Bill is just a rehash of all the best Chinese/HongKonk and a whole boatload of other action films.

    There’s no story, no nothing… Sure, he uses the 1970’s a action movie stuff brilliantly, but thats all… There’s no originality in the movie, not even a glimpse! And the action is not as good as the better ‘old’ action movies, so it falls short even in that.

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