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You might have heard of the Political Compass survey which asks you a bunch of questions and then maps you on a two-dimensional map where the horizontal axis is for left/right economic views and the vertical axis signifies libertarian/authoritarian. My results were in the left libertarian quadrant (-1.62, -5.33). Tim Lambert has a table with the results for a lot of bloggers.

Now, Tim Lambert has created a table for blogger results for a somewhat better political survey by Chris Lightfoot. I got -3.4321 raw (-0.2066 normalized) on the left/right axis and +2.3291 raw (+0.1402 normalized) on the pragmatism/idealism axis in this survey. Here are my detailed results.

Author: Zack

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4 thoughts on “Political Surveys”

  1. I’m in the table cell to your upper left, at -2.75, -2.62. Slightly more liberal and less libertarian than your results.

    I think the “graph” with the red median line is very interesting. I don’t know if there’s enough people to qualify as a half-decent statistical sample, but there seems to be a lot more clustering to the median on the left, while the right is far more scattered across the authoritarian/libertarian spectrum.

    If you look near where the apparent “balance point” of that red line is (not the actual point of 0.0,0.0), I’m just slightly above it … in the center. You’re in a similar position, just on the other side of the line.

  2. PhotoDude: That graph is indeed very interesting. I wonder if there are studies doing proper random surveys and principal component analysis for the important axes.

    Al-Muhajabah: That was expected 😉

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