Israeli-Arab Conflict Vocabulary

The Head Heeb looks at the language of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Here is one definition: The West Bank and Gaza. The territories currently in dispute between Israelis and Palestinians have no fewer than four names. The name preferred by the settlers, “Judea and Samaria,” is one, but it has found little use outside the settler… Continue reading Israeli-Arab Conflict Vocabulary

Japanese-American Internment: Continued

Commenting on the Instapundit post I referred to earlier, David Neiwert has this to say: In this post today, Reynolds tries to suggest that maybe there might be some rationale later on down the road for a blanket internment of Muslims: The wrongfulness in the World War Two internments, after all, wasn’t that they happened,… Continue reading Japanese-American Internment: Continued

Blogger Problem

I missed one closing quote in the link to Jim at the end of the last post. Now I can’t edit the post, not even in safe mode. Does anyone have any solutions? UPDATE: Fixed by copying the link for “edit” for another post and replacing the post ID of the last post in there.

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Japanese Americans and Muslim Americans

Instapundit had some thoughts on the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and the patriotism of Muslim Americans now. I have strong disagreements with most of his post except for the following about a Pakistani American saving a synagogue from arson by a Bosnian: And those who favor extensive profiling should note the photos… Continue reading Japanese Americans and Muslim Americans

‘They’ are out to get us

Good advice by Irfan Hussain on the conspiracy theories circulating in Pakistan: Recently, I met somebody, who has worked abroad for much of his life, who flies to London to listen to classical music concerts, and is otherwise a very urbane man. On our first meeting he seriously asked me for my views on 9/11:… Continue reading ‘They’ are out to get us

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Welcome, Insta-readers

Welcome, new readers. Here is the post about my impressions from Pakistan. While you are here, please take a look at my other posts as well and leave comments. I hope you would like to visit this blog regularly. A reason to visit again: I promised a long tiime ago but hopefully this week I… Continue reading Welcome, Insta-readers

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Racial Profiling

CalPundit points out about racial profiling by police in Los Angeles: Among people who were pulled over: 3.5% of whites were frisked and 5% were searched. 12% of Latinos were frisked and 18.5% were searched. 14.7% of blacks were frisked and 18.7% were searched Then responding to criticism, he looked up the raw report and… Continue reading Racial Profiling

Impressions from Pakistan

I visited Pakistan after 5 years in December. I couldn’t do much there due to the weddings of both my brother and my brother-in-law. I stayed in Islamabad (my parents) and Wah Cantt (my in-laws), but also visited Karachi. But I thought it might be a good idea to blog about my observations. Some things… Continue reading Impressions from Pakistan

Google Rank

I am the #1 result on Google for zackandamber. For Procrastination, I am #19. For Zack Ajmal, I am #2 as the #1 result is Virginia Postrel’s The Scene who has me on her blogroll. This site is #56 on the Google search for Zack. I definitely need to do better here.

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Blog Talk

I have been getting quite a few of my recent hits from search engines. The most common keyword is “Procrastination,” though I have no idea whether these people were searching for my weblog or for info on procrastination. After all, what better way to procrastinate than to search for information on procrastination. The second most… Continue reading Blog Talk

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