Weblog Maintenance

Several long overdue tasks are finally done.

  • Comments now have individual permalinks. I had individual anchors for the comments for quite some time but you needed to view source to see them. Now the URL for each comment is linked to the date and time for that comment.
  • I have eliminated popup windows for comments and trackback. The comment and trackback links on the front page as well as category, monthly and daily archives lead to the individual entry page. Spam comments and comment permalinks forced me to adopt this solution. I do think it is a good deal since you have the post, the trackbacks and all comments together.
  • Courtesy of Ejaz Asi, I have installed the accessibility toolbar. Validating my website resulted in hundreds of errors on each page. But now all the pages on ZackVision are valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • Also, all links to my old Blogger weblog posts from individual posts here are finally fixed to point to the corresponding post on this MT blog which is 8 months old now. That took a long time!
  • Since those links were fixed, I thought I could republish my Blogger weblog such that each month’s archive would redirect to the corresponding monthly archive here. But Blogger does not have the capability to publish a single archive any more. So all links to the old blog posts now redirect to the home page here.

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3 thoughts on “Weblog Maintenance”

  1. That’s very cool. I appreciate your efforts bro. Thanks for providing a better user-experience, which is hard to find, yo’ know. Esp. this commenter within the page and also permalinks which would be helpful for your visitors surely. And Good to see you getting validated. Now, we need to bit spice up and jazz up your blog, shouldn’t we? no, no, not the way people search and get to our blogs with their eccentric queries but something elegant 🙂
    One thing that I feel annoyed by MT commenters are how they behave on pressing tabs. I write up and press tab in hope that it gets me to preview, post links but it always brings me to the title of the page. And no one seems to work around it?

  2. Ejaz: I have been thinking of changing the CSS for some time but haven’t gotten around to doing it. What I have in mind won’t jazz it up at all, but will make it a bit distinct instead of a generic template.

    I have fixed the tab issue. If you press TAB from the comment box, it should take you to Preview and then Post buttons.

  3. Further Weblog Maintenance

    When I changed the way trackbacks appear, I broke something as well. It turns out that when someone pings you, only the index templates are rebuilt automatically. Since I had the trackbacks in the individual entry pages, those were not…

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