Arranged Valentines

A funny episode on Pakistani TV by Avari-Nameh:

During a Valentine’s Day “special.” A —- my family would call her “modern” —- woman is interviewing an evidently very happy couple.

Hostess: So how long have you been celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Husband: Just a few years now. We’ve only started recently, but we really enjoy it.

Hostess: That’s so wonderful. Tell me, and tell our viewers, how did you two meet and fall in love?

Husband: Actually, we’re first cousins. The marriage was arranged.

Also, check out the comparison of Islamabad to Little Rock, AR in the same post.

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3 thoughts on “Arranged Valentines”

  1. too bad the blog author links to jihad unspun, the al qaeda site (among others…)

  2. godless: I don’t know what jihad unspun is about since I have never visited them.

    Avari-Nameh is an interesting weblog with which I do have some profound disagreements. Just like Gene Expression.

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